Thursday, December 26

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Holidays are a favorite in the family. It is the most busiest time of the year for us (offline). We've had a lot of great things that happened this month and mostly are payouts. Before I drift into space again for some shopping for New Year celebration I would like to greet each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Me and my wife will be celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary. We continue to thank God for all the blessed years God has provided us and to the knowledge, wisdom in right investment and to the provision of capital and investment companies that continues to be honest. Have a good day everyone. God bless us and may we have a joyful and prosperous investing new year.

Monday, November 18

An IPO and a Payout

Good day to everyone. It's been almost a month since my last post. My last post which was about cash withdrawal went well and I have received a few payouts from Seedin PH since then but I was unable to post it here because I was so busy with a lot of stuffs offline.

Today is IPO investing day and I went and buy IPO - FRUITAS HOLDINGS, INC. (FRUIT) which costs P1.68 per share with a minimum of 1000 shares and multiples of 1000 only. I bought a bit late, lets hope it is not over-bought yet (usually it becomes over-bought in just a day) and hope for the best. As I recall it, FRUIT was said to cost P1.99 but it seems they have lowered it so that is good.

I received my 3rd payout this week for this month and it's about a project that returns the capital at the end of its tenure. Looking forward to another investment although I am guessing there will be less since the end of the year is coming --it's only an assumption though.

I am really so happy since stock investing is just a click away and online investment is now easy and possible. Happy investing guys and hope we'll be successful in our investing. God bless guys.

Thursday, October 24

SeedIn PH Cash Withdrawal Successful

Email I got from Gmail from SeedIn PH
It's a known fact that Filipino investors who were not educated in Financial Literacy are prone to investment frauds. Even those who were educated become victims as well, no thanks to fraud investment companies' usage of web technology and social media. But web technology or social media can also be used for good specially when it comes to finding the best investment companies or just finding a legit one is more appropriate. If you find a good investment company or a legit one, you can also share it to your friends - though some may think you are just recruiting for people.

Okay here is one good example of a good investment; last October 20, I have requested to withdraw sum amount of money from SeedIn PH and upon checking my bank account in BDO today, I found out that it was already sent to my account last Oct. 22. So which means if you made a request for a withdrawal, you may expect it at a minimum of 2 days and max of 3 days (as it says in their website). Thanks SeedIn PH for being true to your words. Definitely a must-have on your list of investment companies or investment opportunities to must-join. You can check below for the proof of what I've received. I've covered some private information to protect my account.